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The region CBDC NORTIP serves, Norris Point and North on the Northern Peninsula, has been drastically impacted by outmigration. Since 1992, many families have moved away, reducing the number of youth in the area to sustain CBDC NORTIP's region. It is CBDC NORTIP's goal to assist with your career and life skills development by offering a variety of programs and services.

Junior Achievement is offered in most schools in the Peninsula. This provides you with the opportunity to learn about entrepreneurship as a career and some life skills. Youth Ventures gives you the opportunity to try out what you learn from JA. Youth Ventures will assist you in starting up your own business. Most youth start with summer businesses then some youth expand them into the other seasons. There are quite a few young people who operate their Youth Venture year round. CBDC NORTIP offers two scholarships to youth planning to further their education. While CBDC NORTIP wishs to encourage you to stay here and enjoy the great life this region has to offer, we also want you to get an education and experience new things. Then when you return you will bring a wealth of new ideas that will help our region stablize and grow.

CBDC NORTIP assists both Nordic and Red Ochre with their Youth Councils to help bring the entrepreneurship as acareer option to your attention. There are a number of Youth Centres on the Peninsula that we help as needed. We are very eagar to try to help you find that special opportunity to for you that will allow you to stay and help us build stronger communities.

If you are looking for information on youth services, please feel free to contact us.


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