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Are you unemployed?

Do you want to start your own business?

If you answered YES to both of these question we may be able to help you!!!

This program, in co-operation with Human Resources Labour and Employment, the CORPORATION offers self-employment benefits to eligible individuals interested in starting their own business or purchasing an existing operation. In addition clients can also access free business training and counselling. Essentially, this program (if eligible) allows the small business owner to continue to receive their Insurance Benefits for their first year in business without having to take any revenue out of the business. This allows the owner to reinvest any revenue made in their first year of operation back into the business.

SEA Eligibility Criteria

  • Participants have to be located in the area north of Trout River on the Great Northern Peninsula.

  • Participants must be either receiving, eligible to receive or have received Employment Insurance (E.I.) in the past 36 months, have received maternity or parental benefits within the past five years. Clients must have no previous participation in a self-employment assistance activity funded by Human Resources Labour and Employment within the last five years.

  • Clients must have a comprehensive business plan for their venture.

  • Clients must start a new business or take over an existing business in which they had no prior ownership.

  • Clients must be legally entitled to work in Canada.

  • The proposed venture must not pose any additional competition for existing ventures in the area.

  • Participants must work full-time in the business, minimum of 30 hours per week.

  • Participants' proposed activity must be suitable for public funding and not exploit sex, religion, or politics.

  • In a partnership, the SEA participant must have 51% controlling interest, in a limited company the SEA Participant must hold majority of the shares 50% +1.

  • The business must be controlled by the SEA Participant(s).

  • The business must not be a subsidiary of, or financially supported by another company, nor can the major portion of revenue come from commissions.

  • Participants must make a personal contribution to the business of at least 25% of the total E.I. Benefits or basic participant allowance to be received over the tern of the SEA agreement. 

If you require Financial Assistance, CBDC NORTIP may be able to help!