NPBNNorthern Peninsula Business Network Inc.

Embracing Innovation...


The Northern Peninsula Business Network is a non-profit organization established to further the business development goals of its members and the region. The membership is comprised of businesses, business development agencies and educational institutions from the peninsula who work together to compliment each others products and services.


Create a stronger, more vibrant business community that is capable of competing in the local, provincial, and global market- places; through inter-business partnering and self reliance.


Over the past ten years the Network has developed and delivered a number of activities that:
▸ increased profitability;
▸ increased competitive intelligence;
▸ decreased production cost;
▸ increased partnerships and joint ventures;
▸ positively impacted Member Human Resources capacity;
▸ prepared those that have a viable product or service to become export ready;
▸ created a measure of quality, and excellence typical of world class companies;
▸ enhanced the knowledge of ‘Lean Manufacturing’ practices
▸ ensured that the businesses have a strong position in the market which they compete;
▸ improved the members’ equity position; and
▸ presentations to various government agencies, business support groups and potential members.

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